Staff & Leadership

Pastors Kenny & Estelle Martin

Pastor Kenny Martin, an ordained elder, has been in ministry with the FMC-USA since 1991.  Pastor Kenny is the lead pastor and his wife, Pastor Estelle, is the Associate Pastor of John Wesley FMC.  Together they are a team and are called to love GOD, love PEOPLE, and make DISCIPLES.  They are very passionate about their assignment of continuing the vision and mission of the church of building a multi-ethnic, intergenerational church.

Bill Gue - Worship and Outreach Pastor

Pastor Bill loves worship ministry and pastoral ministry. Whether he is writing songs, leading worship, or helping people, his greatest desire is to bring honor to God with every part of his life. Pastor Bill and his wife, Traci, have two children, Nathan and Katie. Pastor Bill has been serving at John Wesley since 2012. He would love to get to know you.


Edwin Savala-Lipule - Youth Pastor

Pastor Eddie Savala recently joined the staff of our church as youth pastor. He and his family (wife Stacey and twin 5 year-old sons Alex and Adrian) moved here from St. Louis, MO, where he was a researcher at the International Institute, conducting a study on the best practices for resettlement of refugees.

. John Wesley has now become a growing multi-cultural, inter-generational church and wanted a youth pastor with multi-cultural experience, a heart for teens of more than one culture and ethnicity, and a passion for ministry. God called Eddie and family to meet these needs.  The family itself is multi-cultural as wife Stacey is from the United States and was a missionary to Kenya where they met and married. Eddie is fluent in English, Swahili and two Kenyan dialects.

His experience as a youth pastor in Nairobi, Kenya, helped to cement his passion to work with youth. "Whenever I interact with the youth, I realize how much their lives are at a crossroads, hence the great need for youth leaders who can help bring about direction in their lives. I want to be part of this kind of leadership that is willing and ready to mentor and develop youth to face today's challenge in a Christian Perspective."